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What We Protect

When working with Policed Brand's we protect you against a number of exploits that your affiliate program will suffer from. Below are the top 3 exploits that we offer protection from:

Coupon Misuse

False Coupon Display
Non Affiliate Coupon Abuse

PPC Violations

Brand Bidding Violations
Google Shopping Violations

Publisher Monitoring

Unauthorised Publishers
False Incorrect Advertising

By working with these global leaders we have managed to achieve over 90% of lost ad-spend for our clients!

By saving on money on commissions and network overrides for policy violations you increase the affordability and return on investment for your affiliate program.


“ Absolutly blown away. For years I’ve been trying to find a solution that stop affialtes stealing my coupons. PolicedBrands saved me close to $34k a year ”

“ I have been working with Searlco for years when Andy approached me with PolicedBrands. Andy ran a thorough review of my historical sales and was able to demonstrate that the savings would be close to 35% of all my PPC sales. Turns out is was 42% ”

“ Initially I was skeptical however, week one and two trademark bidders were stopped, and countless aggregate coupon sites were stopped from using my “new customer only” coupons ”

“ Honey was blocked and my marketing budgets increased to allow for the additional revenues. Impressive work! ”

Our Policy Managers constantly monitor your affiliate program and all publishers that promote your program. When violations occur we act fast ensuring your program polices are adhered too saving you THOUSANDS in overpayments.

  • Brand Bidding
  • False Coupons
  • PPC Violations
  • Google Shopping Violations
  • Unauthorized Affiliates
  • Only pay when you get protected

Policed Brands is so cost effective you ONLY pay for each protected event!

Policed Brands Program Violation Protection Service we save you THOUSANDS in potential overpaid commissions and network override fees.

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In 2022 we saved over 81% on average of our clients misused advertising budget. Partner with us today and protect your affiliate program!

  • Trusted by our Clients
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Constant Program Monitoring
  • 95% Coupon Capture Rate
  • HUGE Ad-Spend Savings
  • Live 24/7 Protection
  • Direct Publisher Interaction
  • Save over 80%

We bring a scientific approach To PROTECT your Ad-Spend

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